After much anticipation, the second major round of staking Prophecy will launch within the next 24 hours

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We’re so excited to finally launch our second round of staking here in the Prophecy ecosystem, and we have so many new faces joining us this time around!

In this article, we’re going to answer your burning questions: how does staking work this time around – is it much different? What are the rewards for this staking round? How long do we stake for this time around? How many people can stake? What is the limit?

Strap in, we’re going to blast you through everything you need to know to get the most out of this Sunday…

Today we’re kickstarting a call for ‘Volunteer Champions’ to join our Dev and Admin team in taking Prophecy to the stars!

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Prophecy is proud to launch the call for new, intuitive and creative volunteers to join the Prophecy team, helping kick the project and products we have on offer to the next level.

To apply, please complete the application form here:

We’re calling our volunteer army the ‘Prophecy Champions’ since that’s exactly what they are — champions of the project and everything we strive to be!

This is a collective of the most creative, engaged, and supportive community members looking to donate their time and efforts in helping push Prophecy as far as it can possibly go. …

Some socks might *feel* like $100,000, but would you actually pay that much for them?

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Okay, okay, we know what you’re thinking — $100,000 for a pair of socks is ridiculous. That’s way over-priced, and it’s not like they’re made out of gold thread or something?

Sure — we agree! If you walked into Walmart and there — right by the pyramid of Bud Light and cheap multipack of Cola — was a display for $100k socks, I know for sure you’d walk past them, if not laugh really, really hard at them. They’d become a meme, a thing to joke at the ludicrous nature of it all.

In crypto, though, things aren’t quite as…

After much anticipation by our community, the first version of our Prophecy Merch Store is now live!

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Our fans have been waiting for this day for a long time, and our founding team have anticipated it since mind/late 2020, but now the vision is a reality — the first official Prophecy Merch Store is now LIVE!


Prophecy is proud to announce a formal partnership with the world’s leading blockchain PR firm MarketAcross

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Today (15 January 2021) Prophecy is announcing a formal partnership with the world’s leading crypto PR firm MarketAcross to deliver on the PR and marketing for Prophecy and our upcoming major product releases through the foreseeable future.

MarketAcross’ clients include Binance, Polkadot, ETORO, TRON, Huobi, Cardano, Decentraland and much more (check out the full list here).

MarketAcross will be assisting Prophecy in the deliverance of key marketing and PR strategy in the months ahead, including ongoing adjustments and strategy, securing media coverage in the world’s leading crypto media publications, deep and engaging social media campaigns, and YouTube coverage by the…

Prophecy is now a listed project on CoinMarketCap — one of the biggest crypto tracking websites on the planet!

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Exactly two weeks after launching on Uniswap, Prophecy is now listed on CoinMarketCap (CMC) — one of the biggest tracking websites for crypto on the planet.

CMC listing:

This is incredible news for Prophecy and our supporters and allows everyone, from long-term supporters of the project to new eyes searching for a real low marketcap gem to hunt into. The exposure of Prophecy and $PRY has now increased exponentially.

We now have access to a panel to manually update our self-reported tags and circulating supply values — as our circulating supply changes with the launch of our Prophet Pools…

It’s been a busy few days since our last update, so we’re dropping in with the latest with everything Prophecy – short, sweet, and packed with quick facts!

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Our development on Prophet Pools, our flagship feature adding a gamified twist to a hybrid of flash staking and yield farming, is going at a pace way faster than we initially expected!

As such, our V1 iteration of Prophet Pools is set to be released within the next few weeks with a firm date being provided soon.

This version will feature three core and fixed-odds Prophet Pools to cater for every participant, big or small, and we are not entering into the final development and extensive test phase.

We will also be auditing this through a well-respected third party and…

Launch is an extremely busy and packed time for any developer, and the Uniswap launch of Prophecy was exactly that — here’s a roundup of everything we’ve achieved in just 24 hours so far…

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The first and obvious one — we launched on Uniswap! over the first 24 hours, we’ve welcomed over $1.1 MILLION in trading volume, which is mind-boggling to comprehend.

You can see our Uniswap launch article here:

Alternatively, you can read a version of this article over on our Publish0x page here:

Straight off the bat, right at the firing shot, we locked up 110 million tokens — 10 million more than initially planned, as we decided to lock up all team tokens immediately.

You can view our 110 million token lock here:

This immediately reduced the circulating supply to just…

Less than 8 hours after launching on Uniswap, Prophecy is proud to announce it’s first partnership — a marketing matchup with Crypto Revolution

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Two days after reaching presale hardcap and just less than 8 hours after launching on Uniswap, Prophecy is excited to announce its first (of many) official and formal industry partnerships.

We will be formally partnering with Crypto Revolution, one of the leading and most well-connected crypto communities on social media, and one of the most dominant crypto names on Telegram as a whole. Crypto investors, supporters and — yes — even hype apes look up to Danny…

We are proud to finally be listed on Uniswap after a hugely successful (and hard-capped Presale) and months of planning, preparation and development.

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Prophecy is now officially listed on Uniswap:

We created a ‘launch window’ for listing to directly combat spam and scam fake listings, and evidently this worked, as during the run-up to launch we caught over four fake ‘Prophecy’ listings ripping off our ticker and name.

The support and enthusiasm shown by the entire community throughout this entire journey has been overwhelming, and we cant thank each and every one of you enough. Let’s smash this, together.

Here are all the important links you need to know:


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