Today we’re sharing news about our latest innovative NFTs — the Titan set.

We’re sticklers for Ancient Mythology and the narrative that comes with following that, from our project naming and our anonymous monickers to our riddles and teasers for upcoming products.

Today, this is expanded upon by introducing the Original Twelve Titans into our fast-expanding NFT offerings.

We are launching a series of just 12 NFTs all named and stylized after one of the original 12 Titans. No more, no less. Scarcity, the way we like it.

We’re also running these NFT sales slightly differently this time around. …

After just 7 weeks, the ‘God Socks’ NFT has been sold!

Just a few months ago we announced the ‘God Socks’ NFT — a non-fungible token that would grant the owner lifetime royalties from our flagship product, Prophet Pools.

At a price tag of $100,000, we knew the value we attached to the NFT was extreme — but so too is the potential for Prophet Pools and the Prophecy ecosystem as a whole. These have never been done before in crypto, and we’re planning on making huge waves with what we deliver.

That’s why we’re incredibly excited to announce that today — Friday 30 April, 2021 — the first ever Prophecy…

Retina - an ecosystem, redefined. Forever.

When we envisioned our Prophecy ecosystem, we knew it would be large. Really large. We roadmapped out for 3–4 years of continual development, with additional development beyond that in unison with governance directionality — but today, everything changes.

Things become bigger. Much bigger.

An ecosystem, heavy and packed already, rotating with thriving products, is about to be redefined.

We decided to sub-branch an independent branding for the coming products under ‘Retina’ as they take a fundamentally different approach to our current (and roadmapped) products already announced under Prophecy. …

The launch of Prophet Pools will see Layer 2 integration within the Prophecy ecosystem for the first time.

Prophecy is announcing the technical implementation of Layer 2 for its flagship product Prophet Pools, including Polygon (formerly Matic), Binance Smart Chain, and Ethereum.

By expanding to three initial blockchains, Prophecy is not only at the cutting edge of technological development, it offers our supporters more ways than ever before to engage with our products alongside the benefits of Layer 2 integration — including speed, bandwidth, and overall engagement size.

While this initial announcement applies to our upcoming Prophet Pools, we are working hard to integrate Layer 2 among all our future rollouts where applicable — if not our V1…

With the Beta of our flagship product Prophet Pools launching imminently, here are all the need-to-know details:

Expectations for beta prophet pools

Our highest priority as the team is ensuring that everything we deliver is useful, safe, enjoyable, and productive. In order to do so, we need to provide a testing ‘sandbox’ to gather feedback from the community and essential backend data before launching.

Prophet Pools are entering beta phase on Ethereum’s Kovan test network. We want the community to test the functionality we build early and often before releasing the feature to production as a mainnet product. This allows us to work out non-ideal flows, and gather feedback from the community for improvements of the way we run Prophet Pools.


Our first quarterly review looking back on major launches and upcoming news

Since its inception in December 2020, Prophecy has built up its community offering to an entire sub-ecosystem. The Prophecy team has been hard at work staying true to our roadmap and have delivered so far, and in many cases over-delivered on our initial plans.

Q1 Summary

The first quarter of 2021 saw lots of progress for Prophecy.

The initial launch of the Prophecy platform came along with two key features: staking pools and yield farming. With the community’s help, we now have over 8 million Prophecy tokens staked, and an additional $100,000 USDT locked in liquidity from our community contributions.

Prophecy platform launch

We launched…

Prophecy will be conducting the first periodic burn on the Ides of March — 15th — of more than 2 million tokens.

The Ides of March is a date forever marked in history, the date Caesar fell to betrayal and the Roman Republic crumbled forever. We are marking this prophetic date with the first of our ecosystem burns, based on accumulated activity since our launch in December 2020.

How many tokens will be burned?

Prophecy will be burning 2082136.031544415343122837 $PRY tokens at an unannounced time on 15 March 2021.

2 million~ tokens of the burn have been determined to be proportional to the market activity of our supporters over the past few months since launch, including engagement with new products and services, and also represents just over 1%…

Prophecy is giving away access to our flagship product Beta AND up to THREE iPhone 12 Pro Max’ based on a new NFT

In light of our upcoming iOS wallet launch, we are kickstarting a dual-benefit NFT; owners will gain access to both our early-access Beta of Prophet Pools (whitelisted by the wallets that own the NFT) AND entered into an iPhone giveaway draw!

Owners of this new NFT (buy here: will have their wallet address whitelisted for Beta access, as well as have their wallet address entered into a randomized giveaway draw to win an iPhone 12 Pro Max (the highest-end iPhone available on the market).

If at least 33 NFTs are sold, one iPhone 12 Pro Max will be given…

Liquidity Farming V1 will be launching soon — here are all the details you need to know!

We are about to launch Liquidity Farming V1, our first ever implementation of a liquidity farming module for our community to engage with —and just another means of expanding the Prophecy ecosystem, allowing our community to earn tokens in more ways than ever before.

In this short article, we’ll be giving you all the simple details you need to know:

What are the values for Liquidity Farming V1?

Total token rewards: 2.5 million $PRY (2,500,000)

Liquidity farming duration: 6 months

$PRY per block: 2.12 $PRY

Liquidity pair: PRY / ETH


If you are planning on ADDING more liquidity after initially adding some (so you already have rewards accumulated…

Our first ever NFT, launched days ago, will have the remaining unsold supply burned forever!

On 19 March 2021 Prophecy will be burning all unsold ‘GENESIS’ NFTs (THIS Black Series one and THIS White Series one).

These specific NFTs, 50 of each type for a total supply of 100, grant the owners an immediate bonus with a discount code for our Merch store, and future bonuses in the way of PRY airdrops, free airdropped NFTs, and more discount codes!

Any unsold copies of these NFTs will be sent to a burn address and therefore removed from circulation forever, pushing the value of the remaining NFTs higher and higher.

These remaining sold NFTs will only be…

Prophecy Project

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