Prophecy has burned 1.2 MILLION tokens

Our second periodic token burn has taken place, permanently removing 1.2 million $PRY tokens

Prophecy Project
2 min readJul 7, 2021


First we had the Ides of March, a huge token burn of 2 million PRY tokens reflecting the crazy first quarter of our lifespan. As the entire market has cooled down a little, our algorithmically produced burn figure has now been calculated and the tokens have been burned in line with this.

How many tokens have been burned?

Prophecy has just burned 1189624.019387462 $PRY tokens.

1.2 million~ tokens of the burn have been determined to be proportional to the market activity of our supporters over the past few months during the quieter and more volatile crypto market, including engagement with new products and services like our Prophet Pools. As more people engage with Prophecy, for example via using Prophet Pools, more tokens will be burned in the next periodic burn.

Are these tokens gone forever?

Yep! The tokens have been triggered by a burn function in the Prophecy smart contract, with Etherscan verification posted the moment the burn occurred.

The reduced supply effect should become evident on CoinGecko, CMC, and other tracking websites shortly after the burn.

These tokens will be gone forever, instantly wiping out around 1% of the max supply, making each and every $PRY token more scarce!

Thank you to our incredible community for your support and activity over the past few months despite overall market conditions — this burn is as a result of your enthusiasm, engagement, participation and ecosystem activity with Prophecy. As more people engage with Prophet Pools, more burning will take place.

Happy burning!

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