Prophecy PASSES even more audits!

Second Chance Pool, Second Chance Token, Airdrop competition and more have passed extensive audits

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3 min readJul 13, 2021


Prophecy has officially PASSED even more probing audits (5, to be exact) via one of the industry-leading audit agencies in crypto, Solidity.Finance.

The full audit range can be viewed at:

The audits check for overall security of the smart contracts, vulnerabilities, adaptations to ensure gas effectiveness, exploits, and more. Prophecy has passed all the checks for this new series of multiple audits.


Audits undergo multiple reviews to implement fixes based on suggestions and feedback. Our initial review passed, but the following recommendations were made:

ProphetPool contract:

- In function _enterPool(), the participants are added and the enter amount is added to the total entered amount even if the pool has already met the participant limit. In order for this functionality to work properly, the check should happen first. STATUS = FIXED

- In function settlePool(), the return value of line 218 is not stored anywhere, so the value of offset remains at 0. STATUS = FIXED

SecondChancePool contract:

- Same finding related to offset variable in settlePool() function as in ProphetPool. STATUS = FIXED

- In collectRewards() function, on line 207 it is required that the amount of rewards to give out is greater than or equal to the balance of the reward token in the contract. The sign should be flipped in order to match the error message. STATUS = FIXED

- In collectRewards() function, the loop would be more efficient if it looped through the array of winner indexes directly instead of the list of participants. STATUS = FIXED

Excerpts of the audit include:

“Chainlink is used to generate random numbers to select lottery winners. This is the gold standard and is resistant to manipulation.”

“The SecondChancePool lottery functions generally the same as the ProphetPool lottery, but users will need 1 ChanceToken in order to enter; The token is burned upon entry.”

“There are no fees associated with the SecondChancePool.”

“Contract-based wallets are not allowed to use the system.”

“SafeMath is utilized to prevent overflows and ReentrancyGuard to prevent reentrancy attacks.”

The following audit results apply:

Arbitrary Storage Write — PASS

Arbitrary Jump — PASS

Delegate Call to Untrusted Contract — PASS

Dependence on Predictable Variables — PASS

Deprecated Opcodes — PASS

Ether Thief — PASS

Exceptions — PASS

External Calls — PASS

Integer Over/Underflow — PASS

Multiple Sends — PASS

Suicide — PASS

State Change External Calls — PASS

Unchecked Retval — PASS

User Supplied Assertion — PASS

Critical Solidity Compiler — PASS

Overall Contract Safety — PASS

We once again thank Solidity.Finance for their thorough and independent reviews and recommendations for this set of 5 audits, and are excited to share the results of this audit with our community.

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