The week ahead for Prophecy: Second Chance Pool, Code Upgrades, and more

Some say there’s quiet before the storm — at Prophecy, that storm is rushing fast…

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2 min readSep 5, 2021


Tomorrow, Monday 6 September 2021, Prophecy will be releasing the first of our Second Chance Pools based on a new type of Pool we’re calling “head to head”.

In head to head, two participants enter and one wins. A true final draw, winner takes all.

Anyone who has ever lost a previous Prophet Pool will be airdropped an NFT that they can view on the Second Chance Pool URL via the Prophecy Portal. This is your one-time ticket entry into the Second Chance Pool.

We did this as a thank you to all our amazing supporters of Prophecy thus far, and this token provides you a chance to win some nice earnings.

From here on out, anyone who enters the head to head pool and loses will receive an NFT Second Chance ticket airdropped to them.

*No other Pool will provide you a Second Chance Pool NFT for now, just the head to head pool. We will be releasing additional Pools that support Second Chance as we move into the Fall.

Alongside this Second Chance Pool update, the Prophecy developers have been hard at work refactoring the Prophet Pools with upgraded code for future scalability. This positions Prophet Pools to expand exponentially.

We also have some more immense surprises coming up, with news of those in the near future. Stay tuned!

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