Retina launching new token with major launchpad backing

Our biggest news…yet…and PRY holders are being rewarded.

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After months (seriously, months and months) of behind-the-scenes planning, development, discussions and negotiations, we’re proud to announce that Retina will be launching a token, while also being hosted across multiple launchpads capitalizing on the worlds best incubation partnership.

The Retina token will be launched on two initial blockchains — BSC and Velas — with multiple immediate launchpad launches; more details of that coming soon…

Projects that launch with the support of these launchpads repeatedly smash astronomical hype and success, from persistent 100x launches to 20,000+ immediate and active, passionate community members per project, attached to the project.

Retina is massive. Retina is potentially crypto-moving massive. As such, it warrants a standalone token that can tie the ecosystem together, provide future governance, while engaging with our signature deflationary tokenomics reflecting the Prophecy way of life.

In terms of usecases, the Retina token will be used for our entire suite of Retina products. From locking tokens with Pandora’s Box, to backend fees with PowerSwap, it will all be Retina. The $PRY token will continue to power the Prophecy ecosystem as it’s done so already, maintaining its deflationary status with regular burns and buybacks. Retina tokens will be the governance for Retina products with the launch of Athens Governance.

There will be instances of cross-token usage, such as Day-One Retina Prophet Pools being opened, or abilities for holders of $PRY over a certain threshold negating some platform fees. These details will be released closer to individual product launches.

So buckle in for some early details (that we can share right now) and prepare for a truly life-changing path for Retina.

When will Retina token launch?

Retina is targeting a token launch in late October to very early November, incubated and supported by the worlds leading launchpad ecosystems — some of know these already, but we’ll keep our lips sealed until closer to the date…

Firm dates are not yet available, but will be shared in our main Telegram as soon as possible.

Recap of the Retina products:

Retina is a suite of decentralized finance products being built on one of the fastest, most secure blockchains in the entire crypto space — Velas. We’re saying goodbye to the slow and costly Ethereum, and hello to the leaders of the next digital frontier.

Here are the four products launching under Retina:


Non-custodial OTC protocol

If you hold an asset you’re willing to exchange, with PowerSwap you can list that asset and desired ‘return’ right within a simplified, easy-to-use non-custodial OTC protocol platform.

Likewise, if you need an asset in exchange for one you currently hold, you can view the current ‘live’ list and participate in a non-custodial trade. Escrowed, so assets are safe from malicious actors, and either public or private — your choice.

The first OTC platform on the Velas blockchain, and set to be one of the best OTC platforms on the planet.


Lending and Borrow protocol on the Velas blockchain

This is Elysium, Retina’s lending and borrowing module that will allow our supporters to supply or borrow assets from the Elysium protocol.

We are aiming to provide as wide a span as possible in terms of the token availability, and through the community-driven Athens Governance users will be able to vote independently on which tokens are added to lending and borrowing.


The first token-locking platform on the Velas blockchain

Privacy and security is a human right and a core underpinning principle of the cryptocurrency landscape. With Pandora’s Box, users or teams can lockup their tokens in a transparent, secure manner.

Run a project that you need to lock the liquidity for?

Pandora’s Box is the definitive place to do this on the Velas blockchain. Secure, transparent, and with all the throughput benefits that the break-neck-speed Velas blockchain offers.

This is the definitive Team.Finance challenger, but so much better.

Athens Governance

Community-led direction and control of the Retina products on the Velas blockchain

Do you want lower fees in our Pandora module, incentivizing more cross-crypto adoption? That can be voted on.

Want to increase those fees, contributing to more token buybacks and token burns? You guessed it, that can be voted on, too.

With Athens Governance, the power is in the communities hands.

Can you share tokenomics for Retina token?

Not just yet. We’re in final discussions with partners to iron out final tokenomic details. These will be shared as soon as possible, and will be available at the point of the launchpad participation being opened.

The tokenomics won’t mirror the $PRY tokenomics, and is not a 1:1 matching of the token setup. Retina tokens will act as governance for Retina products with the launch of Athens Governance.

There will be areas of inter-mingling between Retina and Prophecy, such as product discounts for token positions over a certain amount, but these will be shared in due course.

Why does a launchpad matter?

Simply put, launchpads are the most monumental tool developers have in their arsenal for marketing and launch success, period. There’s nothing better, nothing remotely in-line, and the post-launch chances of success rise astronomically with launchpad support.

It’s the best crypto-marketing in the world with the guarantee of every major influencer covering you, global markets like Asia (China specific) going haywire over the launch, and launch tokenomics that sustain projects at incredible heights post-launch.

There’s never been anything more powerful at hand for projects looking to launch, and we’re utilizing it at full force.

Retina will be receiving a full push, without hesitation, for the largest global launch possible.

What does this mean for Prophecy?

In terms of development, no negative change whatsoever. The Prophecy roadmap continues (though with a slightly different timescale in reflection of today’s news — roadmap update incoming), and we want to draw attention to one major point of reality: Prophecy existed for 4–6 months without a single mention of Retina post-launch, and it will exist with and after Retina. Prophecy is a juggernaut as much as Retina is a juggernaut — both are massive expansions in the crypto metaverse and both represent each and every angle of the diverse crypto market.

“Powered by Prophecy” isn’t just a tagline. It’s a way of life.

Prophecy has an entire roadmap of content planned beyond Retina products, including further expansions of Prophet Pools, additional products beyond our roadmap, and more DeFi services we’ve come to know and love.

Tell me more about the Retina airdrop to PRY holders!

We will be airdropping some Retina tokens to every Prophecy ($PRY) token holder as of Ethereum block 12475739. We will also be providing additional, limited airdrops to the Prophecy NFT holders — including Genesis Black and White Series, as well as every NFT subsequently released (excluding the Second Chance tokens).

This is in reflection and recognition of our most historic token holders, as that block marks the immediate aftermath of one of the largest crypto-wide crashes in history. Supporters holding the Prophecy token at this point will have shown determination and courage, enthusiasm and support in a time of extreme doubt for everything in this industry. These holders are being specifically rewarded for their support.

If you held $PRY tokens at that block number, you will be receiving free Retina tokens.

Details on amount of tokens, eligibility and distribution type, how to claim, and more will be coming soon.

Prophecy and Retina community

The Prophecy and Retina community will act as two different Telegram groups. That means the Retina community members will be held in the Retina Telegram group. Prophecy Telegram group will remain for Prophecy.

In the run-up to Retina launch, the Retina Telegram community will be muted so that only admins may post important information. This is to avoid attempts at scams, misinformation or spam. This is the industry standard for launchpad projects, and allows 20,000+ community members to safely join, view all important information, and prepare for a successful launch. The group will be temporarily changed from mid October.

Post-launch, the community will be reopened as standard (as it is now), and with a large number of additional team members and moderators to help support the community, engage the community in an exciting manner, and push this entire ecosystem to the 22nd century!

More details on Retina coming soon…

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