Retina launching new token with major launchpad backing

Our biggest news…yet…and PRY holders are being rewarded.

When will Retina token launch?

Retina is targeting a token launch in late October to very early November, incubated and supported by the worlds leading launchpad ecosystems — some of know these already, but we’ll keep our lips sealed until closer to the date…

Recap of the Retina products:


Non-custodial OTC protocol


Lending and Borrow protocol on the Velas blockchain


The first token-locking platform on the Velas blockchain

Athens Governance

Community-led direction and control of the Retina products on the Velas blockchain

Can you share tokenomics for Retina token?

Not just yet. We’re in final discussions with partners to iron out final tokenomic details. These will be shared as soon as possible, and will be available at the point of the launchpad participation being opened.

Why does a launchpad matter?

Simply put, launchpads are the most monumental tool developers have in their arsenal for marketing and launch success, period. There’s nothing better, nothing remotely in-line, and the post-launch chances of success rise astronomically with launchpad support.

What does this mean for Prophecy?

In terms of development, no negative change whatsoever. The Prophecy roadmap continues (though with a slightly different timescale in reflection of today’s news — roadmap update incoming), and we want to draw attention to one major point of reality: Prophecy existed for 4–6 months without a single mention of Retina post-launch, and it will exist with and after Retina. Prophecy is a juggernaut as much as Retina is a juggernaut — both are massive expansions in the crypto metaverse and both represent each and every angle of the diverse crypto market.

Tell me more about the Retina airdrop to PRY holders!

We will be airdropping some Retina tokens to every Prophecy ($PRY) token holder as of Ethereum block 12475739. We will also be providing additional, limited airdrops to the Prophecy NFT holders — including Genesis Black and White Series, as well as every NFT subsequently released (excluding the Second Chance tokens).

Prophecy and Retina community

The Prophecy and Retina community will act as two different Telegram groups. That means the Retina community members will be held in the Retina Telegram group. Prophecy Telegram group will remain for Prophecy.

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