Prophecy Staking Round Three: GAMMA

Round Three of Prophecy Staking is LIVE NOW, and called GAMMA

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3 min readAug 7, 2021


At Prophecy we’re pumped to launch our third round of staking. First we had v1, released a day after our mainnet launch, then came v2 with iterative updates. How do we keep our Greek theme?

v3 is GAMMA.

In this article, we’re going to answer all your questions: how does staking work this time around — is it much different from v2? What are the rewards for this staking round? How long do we stake for this time around? How many people can stake? What is the limit?

Let’s go…

When will GAMMA staking be activated?

Fiery like the sun, and sublimely intelligent, v3 staking with Prophecy has been reworked and recoded from the ground up.

The third round of Prophecy staking has kicked off NOW!

Click here to join GAMMA staking

What are the perimeters this time?

Round two was launched on launch day, back in late December 2020, so that was designed to onboard new supporters. Round two introduced a new look to the staking dashboard and logic. Round three is different, all the way down to the code.

The third round staking pool is a limited-time, limited-space stake pool, meaning you’ll have to enter fast to be in with a chance of securing a position, with a 3-month stake duration to reap the highest rewards we offer for this round!

This third staking pool will offer high staking rewards to incentivize our supporters to engage in staking, an attractive offer to all our supporters.

Total day one staking pool size: 5,000,000 $PRY

Minimum stake: 1000 $PRY

Maximum stake: 200,000 $PRY per wallet

Reward for your stake: 7% for maturity (example: 100,000 $PRY stake = +7,000 $PRY reward at full maturity!)

Maturity (full reward): 3 month stake

Can I unstake at any point?

For our GAMMA staking, we are again implementing a feature we call ‘emergency unstake’, where you are able to unstake at any moment, and will always receive your principal input untouched.

So in short, yes! We have a feature we call ‘emergency unstake’ that will allow you to unstake your stake at any point in time (that’s a lot of stake!) from this pool onwards!

However, doing so during this pool onwards will come at a penalty to your reward. Your initial stake will be untouched, that is always available — don’t worry.

What are the early unstake penalties for GAMMA staking?

GAMMA staking with Prophecy follows the industry standard for early unstake penalties, following a ‘drop-off’ value.

The earlier you unstake in GAMMA, the lower your reward value ontop of your initial stake is.

Unstake after 0–30 days: 0% of rewards

Unstake after 31–90 days: 50% of rewards

Full maturity (3 months+): 100% of rewards

Reminder: your initial stake will always be available and will always be untouched. These early withdrawal penalties apply to the bonus rewards added to your stake for GAMMA staking. Remaining staked until full maturity results in the full reward ontop of your initial stake for this staking pool.

Thank you all for your support and hype, we can’t wait for you to get staked!

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