Prophecy creates $SWAPZ Prophet Pools

Our second external Prophet Pool has been created following the explosive launch of SWAPZ on BSC

Prophecy Project
2 min readJul 2, 2021

Today we have opened up a Prophet Pool that utilizes $SWAPZ tokens — which are currently trending across the planet after a successful Binance Smart Chain launch — providing utility to the token and users a space to win and earn even more $SWAPZ!

You can play a SWAPZ Prophet Pool now to win even more $SWAPZ!


(Please connect to the BSC chain to use this Pool)

Prophet Pools are Prophecy’s flagship product, a hybrid between flash staking and rapid yield farming, all in a gamified, fun and verifiably random package. Prophet Pools have passed extensive auditing, report HERE.

(You can learn more about Prophet Pools and how they work here)

SWAPZ Prophet Pool:

10 total wallets

5 wallets win, secured by Chainlink VRF

1800 SWAPZ to enter

Winnings = 900 SWAPZ + entry

Not only do Prophet Pools provide token utility to those featured, it directly contributes to raising the value of the Prophecy $PRY token — with fees raised from each Pool going towards Uniswap buybacks and token burns, as well as enhanced marketing (including emerging marketing tactics like TikTok) and faster development. The more supporters play Pools, the better the target token performs (in this instance, $SWAPZ) and the better the $PRY token performs.

We’re excited for both our own supporters and the supporters of SWAPZ to enjoy this new Prophet Pool, earn some great rewards, and meet some awesome new people in the meanwhile. This is the very beginning in the rapid expansion for Prophecy across the crypto-universe, and as more tokens become popular or viral, Prophecy will rapidly add to utility for those with their own Prophet Pools.

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