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First Ever Prophecy NFTs Launch TOMORROW

The first in the Prophecy ecosystem of NFTs launches tomorrow on Rarible — here’s all the details you need to know.

The first two collectible NFTs we will release:

When will these NFTs be available to purchase?

While we have already minted these NFTs, they will only go ‘live’ to purchase at 18:00 UTC tomorrow, 5 March 2021.

Click the ‘Buy now’ button to purchase the NFT outright — once all have been sold, supporters are able to list their NFT on the secondary market and make/ accept bids. If you make a ‘Bid’ before our NFTs go on sale of 0.25 ETH (the listing price) we’ll treat this as a pre-order and accept these the moment we go live to the public.


We will be launching these genesis NFTs at 18:00 UTC on 5 March 2021. In other countries/ timezones, this will be:

How do I use Rarible to buy these NFTs?

Using Rarible is simple once you know the steps. To purchase these NFTs at 18:00 UTC on 5 March 2021, simply follow this tutorial:

  • At the very top-right of the page, click to ‘Connect wallet’ (shown below) then choose your wallet that you have ETH funds available with. You will need at least 0.25 ETH to purchase an NFT, plus gas fees.

TL;DR — Gimme it straight

Launch: 18:00 UTC on 5 March 2021

What is the immediate future for Prophecy NFTs?

As a community-driven project, we want all aspects of our ecosystem to include our supporters, and this includes our NFT offerings too. We plan on launching, among many other types of NFTs, a monthly calendar-based collectible NFT (y’know, like ‘April 2021 NFT’, ‘May 2021’, etc.) that will feature an artwork/ design from a member of our community.

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