This is Retina.

Retina - an ecosystem, redefined. Forever.

When we envisioned our Prophecy ecosystem, we knew it would be large. Really large. We roadmapped out for 3–4 years of continual development, with additional development beyond that in unison with governance directionality — but today, everything changes.

Things become bigger. Much bigger.

An ecosystem, heavy and packed already, rotating with thriving products, is about to be redefined.

We decided to sub-branch an independent branding for the coming products under ‘Retina’ as they take a fundamentally different approach to our current (and roadmapped) products already announced under Prophecy. Whilst Prophecy is the gamified, fun, deeply social experience with cryptocurrency, Retina is different.

Retina is a suite of serious, heavy-hitting products that will fundamentally change the way you deal with crypto. Period. It is a privacy-first, governance-thinking, impactful offering of new products and services that puts the entire power of DeFi and crypto back in your hands. Simple, powerful, decentralized.

Prophecy is the fun, experimental side of crypto. Retina is the juggernaut of crypto capabilities.

This is what we’ve been waiting for.

This is Retina.


An early, preliminary mockup of the PowerSwap module — a non-custodial OTC platform allowing for public or private trading between parties. Disclaimer: this is an early mockup and not reflective of the final launch product. Treat this image as a vision guide and not as a final reflection.

Greek gods are known for their overwhelming historic power.

Cryptocurrency is known for its overwhelming financial power.

As experts in both fields, we’ve created something truly special. Something powerful.

Today, we announce PowerSwap.

PowerSwap is a decentralised, non-custodial OTC platform allowing for the public or private trading between parties.

If you hold an asset you’re willing to exchange, with PowerSwap you can list that asset and desired ‘return’ right on a simplified, easy-to-use platform. Likewise, if you need an asset in exchange for one you currently hold, you can view the current ‘live’ list and participate in a non-custodial trade. Escrowed, so assets are safe from malicious actors, and either public or private — your choice.

Here’s an example for flow:

Person A has some PRY and needs some BTC. He is willing to trade this PRY for BTC, but ordinarily the flow to swap this would be convoluted, dragged by fees, and require multiple steps across multiple wallets, exchanges, and be slowed by transaction speeds across networks.

Person B has BTC and wants some PRY. He has listed his BTC on PowerSwap ready for a trade, and can accept PRY for this BTC trade.

As it’s non-custodial, managed by escrow, person A sends his PRY to the escrow, while person B sends his BTC to the same escrow. Once the smart contract recognises both tokens are within the escrow, it is released in a trade, safe from malicious actors and completely trustlessly.

Powerful, huh?

Gone are the multiple wallet switching, transaction-waiting, chain-swapping efforts to exchange your token. With PowerSwap, you can be matched with a trade partner fast.

More details will be provided shortly.


[Imagine incoming in the coming days — sorry!]

Athens was the most famously known hub of democracy during Ancient Greek times, practicing a system of legislation, executive bills and absolute democracy.

In short, Greek democracy created at Athens was direct; any adult male citizen over the age of 20 could take part, and it was treated as a duty to do so.

In Prophecy, and under Retina, Athens is an absolute democracy. It is a given right that our supporters, holders of Retina tokens, have a say in how things are done, and when.

That’s why we established Athens, a Governance module that will draw Retina tokens to also be a governance token, allowing supporters to have their voices heard on the direction of the products under Retina.

Do you want lower fees in our Pandora module, incentivizing more cross-crypto adoption? That can be voted on. Want to increase those fees, contributing to more token buybacks and token burns? You guessed it, that can be voted on, too.

Athens will be Governance for the Retina products, with more specific details coming soon about the logistics of adapting this token to include governance.


An early, preliminary mockup of the Elysium module — a lending and borrowing platform that will allow supporters to supply or borrow assets from the Elysium protocol. Disclaimer: this is an early mockup and not reflective of the final launch product. Treat this image as a vision guide and not as a final reflection.

Financial utility is a core driving principle behind our development with the PRY and Retina tokens.

From simple products such as staking, of which we’ve ran two successful version of so far, to more complex visions like Prophet Pools, providing adequate utility for PRY has been a central focus for us.

With Elysium under Retina, the utility expands massively.

This is Elysium, Retina and Prophecy’s lending and borrowing module that will allow our supporters to supply or borrow assets from the Elysium protocol.

We are aiming to provide as wide a span as possible in terms of the token availability, and in the coming weeks will share more on the initial load-out available upon launch.

Elysium expands the choice available to our supporters to engage in more DeFi products than ever before, right from within the Retina and Prophecy ecosystem

An ecosystem, redefined.

With Athens — our governance hub upcoming with Retina — our supporters will be able to vote on additional assets to include coverage for.

Pandora’s Box

An early, preliminary mockup of the Pandora module — a privacy-first, anonymous filter that will pool tokens together and return them to any user-inputed wallet, ensuring absolute privacy. Disclaimer: this is an early mockup and not reflective of the final launch product. Treat this image as a vision guide and not as a final reflection.

Privacy and security is a human right.

All of us at Prophecy believe in this ethos wholeheartedly, and believe thoroughly that privacy should be a right in all aspects of life. Including your cryptocurrency.

Your crypto, your right to safety.

No doubts, no concerns over unlocked assets.

Privacy and security is a right, and privacy affords safety, security, and peace of mind.

This is where Pandora’s Box comes into play within Retina and Prophecy.

Pandora’s Box will be a crypto-locking protocol, allowing users to lockup tokens — either for themselves or on behalf of their projects. This will favor security, selective transparency (such as sharing the proof-of-lock link with your audience), and ease of use. No doubt about where you’re locking, or whether your lock was successful.

The epitome of decentralisation, Pandora’s Box offers complete decentralization over your crypto holdings within a lockup.

The product will be heavily audited, will feature lower fees than competing services, fees will contribute towards token buybacks and burns, and our Athens Governance module will incorporate aspects of Pandora for community control and decision-making, like the level of fees (higher fees = more token buybacks, lower fees = more attractive over competing products).

Pandora was the first human woman created by Hephaestus on the instructions of Zeus. As Hesiod related it, each god cooperated by giving her unique gifts. In our version of Pandora, those gifts are the crypto we have all earned — and all earned the right to due privacy on.

Everyone deserves complete security in their life. With Pandora, Prophecy is making that stride to complete security that bit easier.

Thank you for joining us for the announcement of Retina, and the initial products being released under this new direction. Today, an ecosystem is redefined forever, and the future of Prophecy, the $PRY token, and the Retina token has never been more bright.

With the gamified, social, experimental products of core Prophecy and the privacy-focused, independence-granting products of Retina, the two tokens have never been more powerful, and the roadmap ahead has never been more exciting.

Today, we provide more power to our supporters.

Today, eyes are opened.

This is Retina.

More details coming soon.

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Prophecy is core DeFi and crypto services, gamified and improved. Visit:

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Prophecy Project

Prophecy is core DeFi and crypto services, gamified and improved. Visit:

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