This is Prophecy —Welcome to the Future of Cryptocurrency

From the ground-up, Prophecy has been built with two key philosophies: ‘Built to Win’ and ‘Community Driven — Future Focused’. We can’t wait to introduce to you the future of cryptocurrency. Welcome to Prophecy.

What is Prophecy?

Prophecy is a revolutionary approach to cryptocurrency and decentralized financial control. Prophecy is built from the ground-up to ensure our supporters have more ways to earn through crypto than ever before, in as simple a package as possible, while continuing endlessly to raise the value of Prophecy as a project and as a token through innovative approaches such as automatic token burns, disincentivized taxation, and a suite of services that will change the face of decentralized finance forever.

Our native token is the Prophecy Token ($PRY) and will be the central underpinning of all our products on offer.

As it’s central and launching feature, Prophecy will revolve around Community Pools we like to call PROPHET POOLS, an interesting and exciting approach to the tried-and-tested Pools we all know and love. What makes this service stand out with Prophecy in particular is the rate at which supporters will win — instead of the industry standard wherein a small minority win, oftentimes just one person within a pool, we believe the majority should win. By default, around 60–90% of entrants into a Prophet Pool will win back more than they input, with that figure changeable as our community can create and host their own pools among their friends, followers and fellow supporters.

Additionally, our Prophet Pools can also be generated by users with custom values and yield parameters set by themselves, lending to a great social aspect for the project. The stock winning percentage is 80%, but users generating their own pools can change this to, for example, 60% or 70%. This makes for a fun and tense gamified approach you can set up with your friends or followers.

Prophet Pools are rapid — not days, weeks or months. You could enter a pool, win a $PRY tokens, and receive them within minutes.

Prophet Pools will feature custom widget links that users can invite their friends or followers to the pool with, with the widget links updating live so you can see how full a Prophet Pool is before entering. This will be viewable from wherever you receive the link, be that Facebook Messenger, Telegram, iMessage, Twitter or wherever else!

Additionally, Prophecy staking pools will initiate $PRY token burns once initiated; more burning, more token scarcity.

This is just the first of many gamified elements present within Prophecy, with more planned through the near and distant future.

Importantly to note, our main product — the Prophet Pools — are ready and waiting to launch to market, and will go live the moment we launch publicly on Uniswap! That’s right — as soon as we’re live on Uniswap, you can begin to use Prophet Pools, with more features and improvements unlocked regularly and often.

Incentivized Engagement

At Prophecy we incentivize engagement and supporter activity, such as through staking and participating in the Prophet Pools, rewarding these active supporters with significant $PRY token returns.

This rewards continued participation within the Prophecy ecosystem (such as participation in Prophet Pools or through staking) and consequently raises the value of Prophecy exponentially and continually through significant burns and through the locking of inactive assets through additional liquidity for Prophecy.

Constant burn of inactive tokens, incentivizing activity and participation, and continual additions to locked liquidity all create for a constantly increasing token value.

Okay, so what are the tokenomics of Prophecy?

Prophecy will begin with 200 million PRY tokens, with an initial circulating supply of 100 million PRY tokens. This is the amount of tokens we’ll start with before burning schedules begin.

  • 50% of tokens are reserved for liquidity and rewards through yield pools, staking, and burns.
  • 15% of tokens are reserved for auditing, marketing and partnerships
  • 10% of tokens are locked team tokens over a duration of one year
  • 25% of tokens are reserved for the exclusive Private Sale and presale

We’ll share more on the presale rounds as we approach public launch. We expect our hardcap to be reached in record time due to the innovative and revolutionary approach to Yield Pooling in a manner that has never been done before with crypto, and we have already received significant interest.

Soon after private sale we will launch on Uniswap with locked liquidity and the locks outlined above. Prophet Pools will be ready to use immediately. Stay tuned for more on all of this!

Who are the team behind Prophecy?

In the belief of Prophecy, the absolute pinnacle and epitome of ‘decentralization’ is anonymity for the user and anonymity for the team — as a cryptocurrency project delivering real and significant impact to the financial market, we wholeheartedly believe and follow the principle that this project should remain solely about the project and the incredible community behind that, not the people at the helm before community takes over completely.

We don’t want to be the focus ourselves, we don’t want to be idolized or looked up to or treated any differently, we just want to be in the background helping push this project and community as far forwards as humanly possible. Remaining anonymous is the epitome of decentralization, as it’s the project and you guys — the community — that truly matters.

Nonetheless, our team comprises of extremely senior and experienced professionals within the crypo-sphere, with combined decades of experience between us. We have worked within Top 100 projects and continue to push to innovate cryptocurrencies and DeFi.

You can always reach out to the team at our Telegram:

Where can I find out more about Prophecy?

Prophecy has a wide range of resources available to learn all about the project. Check out some of our social media links:

Official Prophecy Website






The Prophecy developers and admins love engaging with our community, so if you have any burning questions be sure to head over to the official Telegram community linked above.

Built to Win. Community Driven — Future Focused.

That’s how we operate at Prophecy, and we can’t wait to bring you all on this journey with us. We’re just getting started.

Thank you,

The Prophecy Team.



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Prophecy Project

Prophecy Project

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