PROPHET POOLS: A Vision of the Future

Prophet Pools will create a tsunami of change in the world of crypto. With Prophet Pools, we believe the majority deserve the chance to earn more tokens than they input, not just the minority.

As it’s central feature, Prophecy will revolve around Community Pools (we call them Prophet Pools, since they’re a bit different), an interesting and exciting approach to the tried-and-tested Pools we all know and love. What makes this service stand out with Prophecy in particular is the rate at which supporters will win — instead of the standard wherein a small minority win, oftentimes just one person within a pool, we believe the majority should win. By default, a set and clearly displayed range between 60–90% (completely flexible and adaptable) of entrants into a Prophet Pool will win back more than they input, with that figure changeable as our community can create and host their own pools among their friends, followers and fellow supporters.

Prophet Pools are rapid — not days, weeks or months. You could enter a pool, win a massive amount of tokens, and receive them within minutes.


Prophet Pools will eventually feature custom widget links that users can invite their friends or followers to the pool with, with the widget links updating live so you can see how full a Prophet Pool is before entering. This will be viewable from wherever you receive the link, be that Facebook Messenger, Telegram, iMessage, Twitter or wherever else!


Additionally, the Prophet Pools can also be generated by users with custom values and yield parameters set themselves, lending to a great social aspect for the project. The stock winning percentage is between 60–90%, but users generating their own pools can change this to, for example, 60% or 70%. This makes for a fun and tense approach you can set up with your friends or followers.

This is a feature that will launch further down the line, perhaps alongside the development of our custom widgets, and we think this will be a great addition to the Prophecy Ecosystem.


At Prophecy, we look to the future of crypto to develop and shape our project. Almost any online video game features lobbies, a place to wait and hang out before you’re put into your game. It’s an enhanced social feature, giving you the time and chance to meet new friends (or trash talk those who beat you…) and further connect with one another. In crypto, there’s not much of that. Let’s change that.

We will develop custom lobbies for Prophet Pools, a place to chill before you’re put into your finalized Pool with a high chance of earning more tokens than you initially inputted.

This is roadmapped and will be delivered down the line. We CANNOT wait for this to come.


Not winning sucks, especially when the odds of winning are always high. This is why we are developing ‘Second Chance Pools’, a pool designed solely for those who did not win their initial pool. This offers far enhanced odds that, within two games, you will have won more tokens than you inputted.

With Second Chance Pools on two 80% winner pools, the odds of losing twice in a row are just 1 in 25, or just 4%.

This means that, with Prophet Pools and our Second Chance Pools, more people than ever before have the opportunity to earn more tokens than ever before. We don’t believe in only the minority winning — we have too much of that in the real world — so with Prophet Pools, and now the inclusion of Second Chance Pools, everyone has the chance of being a winner.


To enter a Prophet Pool, an incredibly small ETH fee is claimed. Instead of going to waste, these ETH fees from every Prophet Pool are sent as rewards for staking with Prophecy. The longer you stake with Prophecy, the more $PRY you receive AND ETH tokens.

Not only does this further incentivize staking with Prophecy, offering two types of tokens to earn, it also maintains a healthy token velocity cycle across Prophecy, all the while Prophecy is engaging in monthly token burns.

This is just the first of many gamified elements to come to Prophecy, with more planned through the near and distant future. More updates, like the Prophecy custom lobbies, like modified Second Chance pools, and like custom games for those who regularly and actively engage with Prophecy.

Prophecy has a wide range of resources available to learn all about the project. Check out some of our social media links:

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Medium | GitHub | Publish0x | Uniswap | Dextools | CoinMarketCap |

Prophecy official contract address: 0x3c81d482172cc273c3b91dd9d8eb212023d00521

The Prophecy developers and admins love engaging with our community, so if you have any burning questions be sure to head over to the official Telegram community linked above.

Built to Win. Community Driven — Future Focused.

That’s how we operate at Prophecy, and we can’t wait to bring you all on this journey with us. We’re just getting started.

Thank you,

The Prophecy Team.



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Prophecy Project

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