After months of behind-the-scenes development and hard work, we’re proud to announce our first major AMA – Facemelters Spotlight!

Tomorrow (9 December 2020) at 6pm UTC we’ll be participating in our first major AMA with the guys over at Facemelters Spotlight.

While it’s a great opportunity for all of us at Prophecy to share what we’ve been up to, upcoming news (hint: tomorrow will be an incredible day in the history of Prophecy…stay tuned!), and more, it’s a great chance to ask any questions to us about everything Prophecy, Prophet Pools, and moving into the near future for launch.

We also have on offer $300 worth of $PRY tokens for when we launch – make sure you ask us tough, genuine questions as we won’t be considering spam/ copy-paste questions for this reward!

Key Prophecy facts ahead of our AMA:

Here are some snapshot facts ahead of our exciting Facemelters AMA, the sort-of need-to-knows for Prophecy and everything we’re about, and everything coming up!

  • We’re only conducting a participant- limited, exclusive Private Sale (one round) before listing to the public on Uniswap immediately!
  • We have significant interest and support already, from heavy operational support in China and the Middle East, to content producers and social media whizzes in Europe. The brains behind Prophecy are across the Western world – so we’re a truly global project, with an interstellar goal!
  • Prophecy total supply will be 200,000,000 and the circulating supply will be half of that, 100,000,000.
  • We have a number of advanced mechanisms in place to ensure to continual increase in valuation for the project as a whole, from incentivized participation and engagement, to disincentivizing inactivity, monthly burns, and more.
  • We will be launching our exclusive Private Sale after the AMA with Facemelters!

Stay tuned in our Telegram for all the latest updates, news and more from the entire Prophecy team.

Prophecy has a wide range of resources available to learn all about the project. Check some of them out here:

Website | Telegram | Twitter | Medium | GitHub



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