Prophecy SMASHES through 1500 community members!

In the final run-up to our MASSIVE presale launch and listing on Uniswap before New Years, we’re proud to see Prophecy hit 1500 community members.

As our member number rises, we feel our announcement graphic has to ‘prestige’ a little…how does gold look on us?

Just TEN short, action-packed days after we hit 1000 total community members, we’ve now hit 1500 – a whopping 50% increase in such a short amount of time, paving the way towards our Presale kicking off at 8pm UTC on Tuesday 22 December 2020 and our full-blown Public Launch on Uniswap on or before 29 December 2020.

I know I speak on behalf of the entire team in saying that talking, answering questions, providing updates to all 1500 of you in our Telegram community, and greeting new people has been the highlight of our development cycle so far – and we’re fast establishing Prophecy not just as a hub for crypto revolution, but for fostering a safe, warm and engaged place to gather as a community – as a family. I know we said that just ten days ago, but it couldn’t ring more true as our numbers rise rapidly.

So to all 1500 of you early birds, here just in time for our highly anticipated presale tomorrow, we can’t say ‘thank you’ with enough vigour or passion, with as much chest and oomf as we could possibly ever want – and this really is just the first baby step on a lengthy and exciting road ahead for us all!

A quick presale update to all 1500 of you…

Our behemoth of a presale kicks off in LESS THAN 24 HOURS – Tuesday, 22 December 2020 at 8pm over at our Telegram group:

We have a countdown timer up over there, and once that baby hits 0, we’re launching an intuitive and sleek presale portal – all you need is MetaMask and some ETH, and you’re all set!

We’ll have a minimum input of 0.1 ETH and a maximum of 15 ETH, so that almost anyone can help support Prophecy in this crucial phase.

Presale: 1 ETH = 78,000 $PRY (30% bonus tokens!)

Uniswap public launch: 1 ETH = 60,000 $PRY

All our tokens will be distributed on the day we launch on Uniswap – either 29 December 2020, or earlier if we hit our hardcap of 500 ETH! 🥳

We’ve received seriously significant demand for this presale, so we’re expecting it to fill rapidly – if you want your best chance of getting in, head to our TG community and be there for 8pm UTC this Tuesday for when the link drops – first come, first serve!

So from all of us behind Prophecy, to each and every 1500 of you, and to the many still to come,

Thank you!

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Prophecy official contract address: 0x3c81d482172cc273c3b91dd9d8eb212023d00521



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