Prophecy on Binance Smart Chain PancakeSwap!

Following months of behind-the-scenes work, Prophecy is proud to announce a listing on BSC PancakeSwap Tuesday, 1 June 2021

The past 6 months have been a complete whirlwind in all aspects for the Prophecy ecosystem, and today that whirlwind turns into a full-blown tropical storm. The Prophecy team is ecstatic to announce that we will be launching a native PRY/BNB pair on Binance Smart Chain and PancakeSwap!

This will be going live on Tuesday, 1 June 2021.


The Prophecy team has always had a very clear vision to make our products and services truly blockchain agnostic, and what better way to kick this initiative off than launching on the fastest growing chain in all of DeFi!

Here are some reasons behind this decision:

  1. Faster transactions and fewer gas fees
  2. Community expansion
  3. One of the 3 chains Prophet Pools will launch on is BSC.
  4. The community has repeatedly asked for this — and we listen.
  5. Visibility — the larger Prophecy grows through the future, this will give us a better shot at being listed on Tier 1 exchanges such as Binance, exactly how SushiSwap and PancakeSwap received direct listing because of their exponential growth

So how does this affect the pry token supply?

It doesnt! We have created a Smart Contract on BSC that is pegged 1–1 with our current ETH contract, so everything stays the same as far as tokenomics; which leads us to another exciting update.

Drum roll……da dum dum….



When we say we go for the big guns, we mean it.

SO…when does this launch?

This coming Tuesday! We are in the process of coordinating some marketing efforts for the launch, and this is timed for Tuesday, 1 June 2021.

If another pair or listing on Binance Smart Chain or PancakeSwap springs up, and we haven’t announced it, it is 99.99% likely to be a scam.

Do not invest in it.

We will announce when our official listing is live, and this will be timed when liquidity is added. If you attempt to jump the gun on listings, legitimate or not, you run severe risk of buying in at inflated/ fake prices, buying tokens that do not allow selling, or falling victim to any number of scams.

Don’t be foolish — hang tight, await our official work, then happy trading!

So there you have it! We couldnt be more happy to expand our ecosystem and give our valued supporters a cheaper and faster trading experience alongside expanding our reach and project awareness.

From all of us at Prophecy,

Thank you!

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Prophecy website:



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