Prophecy Developer Diary #001 – Prophet Pools

The first entry as part of a regular series of updates, today we hear from Prophecy Product Manager CHRONOS about the development of our flagship feature: Prophet Pools.

All of us behind Prophecy have been hard at work on the product side over the past few months, with the concept having been born long before that. We’re developing our first Prophet Pool functionality – the next revolution in how we interact with crypto and generate crypto profits.

Here’s an exclusive sneak-peek preview of our platform as prototyped and designed by our team so far:

Prophecy main overview of the dashboard, featuring advanced ‘Your Activity’ overview, Prophet Pools, and more.

The Prophecy platform will offer multiple features over time, like our flagship offering Prophet Pools, enhanced and incentivized Staking, and weekly auctions – and these are just the tip of the iceberg, we have much, much more planned. This Developer Diary focuses on an overview of Prophet Pools, our first feature to launch and our flagship feature – unrivalled anywhere else in crypto or out of it.

Our sleek dashboard features an overall summary of what’s at play and allows you to navigate to different areas of our website and platform quickly and efficiently.

With Prophet Pools, the user has significantly increased chances of winning and earning more tokens than they input – each and every time. It’s an easy workflow – simply hold ETH in your wallet, connect your wallet to the platform, offer your ETH ante and enter your Prophet Pool of choice. Then just wait for the Pool to fill and close.

Each pool has its own ante parameters, jackpot per wallet, and chances of winning. You can multiply your ante for more chances to win part of the jackpot.

For example, a pool of 10 participants may have 8/10 of them win (80%). Therefore, playing two of these same odds pools in a row, the chance of losing twice in a row are just 4% (or 1 in 25).

This is what steps Prophecy with Prophet Pools out among the rest – we don’t believe in one-victor-takes-all, puny odds that few can succeed in, we wanted a platform where everyone has the chance of success – everyone can be a winner.

Prophecy is, after all, Built to Win.

We’re going to launch with three active Prophet Pools that run all the time, constantly, non-stop. We’ll offer Prophet Pools that cater to supporters of all types and sizes: big and small. In the future, we want the community to be able to make their own Prophet Pools, set rules, and share them with friends. You can learn more about our future plans with expanding Prophet Pools HERE.

Winners in each Prophet Pool will receive their $PRY token winnings as soon as the pool fills and closes – that rapidly. Gone are the waits of weeks or months to receive any semblance of yield generation. When a Prophet Pool fills and closes, the winners receive $PRY right into their wallets. You will be able to see your recent activity so that you can review withdrawals and deposits from the Prophecy platform at any time.

We’re also planning on allowing Prophet Pool creation with other types of cryptocurrency down the road – imagine being able to win ETH, or inputting ETH to win $PRY.

Stay tuned for more updates on the development of our platform as we have progress and evolve. We’re hoping to launch this feature in Q4 2020, then gear for the launch of our staking platform for Q1 2021.

Prophecy has a wide range of resources available to learn all about the project. Check some of them out here:

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