Presale Launch, Uniswap date, Extra rewards for early adopters, putting Community First, and MUCH more!

After calls from our community throughout our Private Sale round for expanded support choices, we’re excited to announce an expansion to a Public Presale phase – the final round before we launch on Uniswap!

Prophecy is proud to be launching on Uniswap immediately with Staking activated, and we’re pumped to share this detailed update article about the current stage of our project, our launch goals, and more!

While our Private Sale round has proven a huge success, one question kept springing up: ‘when is the Prophecy Presale?’

Originally, we had our sights set on just the one Private Sale round. Simple, right? Sure is – but simple isn’t always the best, and we’ve quickly come to terms that a Public Presale round – just a natural expansion of our Private Sale – is needed to really kickstart Prophecy on the final stretch and run up to Public Launch on Uniswap.

So a combination of overwhelming community demand and the need for this final stretch of development and marketing time has let us to opening this final round of bonus sale price before we hit the ground running with Uniswap!

This Presale Round will be open to everyone who wants to enter, and will directly coincide with the launch of our intuitive new online portal to collect ETH during this raise! Bye bye ugly Google Form, hello intuitive connect-your-wallet portal where you can keep track of the entire thing!

The Prophecy Presale begins on Tuesday, 22 December 2020.

It will close out either at 500 ETH hardcap, or seven days later, on 29 December 2020 – whichever comes first.

This Sunday, 20 December 2020 at 5pm UTC we’ll be doing an AMA with tehMoonwalkeRs – one of the most esteemed AMA communities in crypto.

You can join us through their Telegram group here, or receive updates over at our official community here.

We’ve also decided on a pretty monumental change as a team, one that will massively benefit you all and we know you’ll be so stoked to hear this – there will be ZERO vesting period to unlock the tokens you buy during Private Sale! None! Instant.

On day one of launch, when we hit Uniswap, all your tokens will be available to you there and then.

Now we know some of you will chose to sell instantly for an easy flip – that’s just the way of a private/ presale, though we’re insanely confident in our tokenomics and product launch, we just know that launch on Uniswap will be the very, very beginning of a long and incredible ride for us all.

How? A combination of killer tokenomics (burning, staking incentivized, and more) alongside a marketing and media blitz, staggered product rollout over a number of weeks, additional development, and so much more.

Our value at public launch is just the very beginning, and we can’t wait to see where we’re at one week down the line, one month down the line, one year and beyond!

As a Community Driven, Future Focused project, we always listen to our community and the demand has been clear for zero vesting and additional presale phase – so we listen.

Moving forwards we want our community to understand that we’re listening to them – you guys are first and foremost to our efforts, and to the collective efforts of Prophecy as a whole.

Those who invested early in our Private Sale will still gain beta services, including beta access to our Prophet Pools just before they launch, as an added thank you for supporting us so early.

We will also be actively looking into the development of extra and additional staking pools for those that enter and support Prophecy at the presale phase as added incentive to support us in this crucial time of our development cycle.

These exclusive staking pools will be whitelisted to the wallets/ addresses that support us during these Private/ Presale rounds, so if you’re looking for an extra kickback, that’s your shot right there!

Our AMA ‘world tour’ (sorry, cringe, we know!) is designed to educate as many as many people as possible about Prophecy, Prophet Pools, a bit about us as a team, and more! Join us if you’re able to!

We’ve been continuing our Community First ethos through an AMA ‘world tour’ – so far three, and eventually more, AMAs all booked in and already nailed. We’ve finished all three of these, and can’t wait to more to come, educating new supporters about everything Prophecy and helping answer any burning questions our community may have.

In true Prophecy fashion, we’re not afraid to call out BS and have been proud to stand up for our community when faced with bots or spam questions during AMAs.

Staking with Prophecy will be available day one! That’s right – from the moment we launch on Uniswap, you can begin staking with Prophecy.

So those nice, shiny new tokens you can fully redeem from supporting our project during Private/ Presale, you can put to full use in staking straight away.

We’ll share more on the specifics of staking as we approach launch date, but we’ll begin with some really nice incentives to get the ball rolling for the first month or so!

We’re launching there soon, don’t worry! We hear you guys and know it’s one of the biggest burning topics.

We will be launching on Uniswap on 29 December 2020.

With the launch of our new portal to contribute to our Private/ Presale, we’ll be beginning the final leg of our pre-launch ETH raise before we hit Uniswap.

Either way, we’re pushing to get this baby launched on 29 December 2020 and in your hands before the New Year – what a way to head into 2021, huh?!

We have been hard at work on an absolutely killer website overhaul, tweaking it just in time for public launch.

This features our new Presale Portal, alongside some cool updates that brings our website in line with the quality we’ve fostered around the entire project.

Let us know what you think of the updates over at our Telegram!

What an update, phew! Alongside a major AMA with Moonwalkers, an AMA world tour, behind the scenes developments, constant community presence, Staking updates, form launch date, marketing and more, it’s been a whirlwind as I’m sure you can see.

This stage of a launch is always the craziest, but it’s always worth it in the end. Thanks for sticking by us through this exciting journey!

So to round up – staking will be live on Uniswap (with Uniswap launch on 29 December 2020). Well be expanding to a final round of Presale beginning Tuesday 22 December 2020, exactly the same as Private Sale in terms of the token distribution/ tokenomics, with the only difference being that Private Sale supporters gain access to beta services. Supporters of both Private Sale and Presale will gain exclusive access to special staking pools with higher rewards as a thank you for your early support, and we’ll be having a marketing blitz after we do hit Uniswap.

Our Uniswap value, while we cannot and will not speculate on specifics, is designed to continually increase in value the more participation occurs with Prophecy, so we can’t wait to see where we are a few weeks after that phase!

This really is the beginning of something special, thank you for joining Prophecy on this journey…


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