New and improved Prophecy Telegram group!

As Prophecy continues to grow, we’re taking the leap to expand into a new and improved Telegram group

Our current Telegram group has served us so well since we first launched at the end of the DeFi boom of 2020, but it’s past its time and it’s feeling the strain. Old accounts, spammers, bots and more are all holding it back from explosive growth.

That’s why we’re happy to announce our new and relaunched Telegram group, which will act as our primary point of contract moving forwards:

We will be using our previous Telegram group until we’ve sufficiently migrated most people over, and the shift will be gradual — but eventually conclusive.

This movement allows us to set up more advanced group bots, spam protection measures, admin controls, as well as establish infrastructure ready for the launch of Prophet Pools and our Retina suite of products. In short, this movement brings us from a 2020 project to a 3020 project. Light years ahead.

Please join our new Telegram community at:

Thank you!

Team Prophecy

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Prophecy official contract address: 0x3c81d482172cc273c3b91dd9d8eb212023d00521




Prophecy is core DeFi and crypto services, gamified and improved. Visit:

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Prophecy Project

Prophecy Project

Prophecy is core DeFi and crypto services, gamified and improved. Visit:

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