Introducing: Prophecy Referral Links

With Referral Links, Prophet Pools are positioned for rapid expansion

Referral Links

Flow/steps: every user who connects a wallet on receives a unique and individual referral link. Head to the homepage dashboard and grab your referral link — then simply paste that link across your social media (with templates and suggestions available for you to quickly copy and share).

  • All rewards will be airdropped. For ONE MONTH ONLY, we are providing everyone $50 worth of PRY tokens any time they have a referree join a Prophet Pool. After a set period of time, Prophecy will reduce this reward. Now is the time to shill!
  • You can only reap PRY referral rewards on BSC network. If you join ETH network, you will not see the amount of rewards you’ve accumulated. Please ensure you’re connected to the BSC network.
  • All rewards will be airdropped as soon as the other user join the Pool, no need for you to withdraw manually.

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