Introducing: Liquidity Farming V2

Liquidity Farming V2 is live now — here are all the details you need to know for our second iteration!

We have launched Liquidity Farming V2, our second implementation of a liquidity farming module for our community to engage with — and just another means of expanding the Prophecy ecosystem with continual developments, allowing our community to earn tokens in more ways than ever before.


In this short article, we’ll be giving you all the simple details you need to know:

What are the values for Liquidity Farming V2?

Total token rewards: 1 million $PRY (1,000,000)

Liquidity farming duration: 4–6 months (hardcap of 6 months)

$PRY per block: 1.4 $PRY

Liquidity pair: PRY / ETH

What is Liquidity Farming?

In its most simple breakdown, the flow for liquidity farming is:

Exchange an equal value of ETH and PRY tokens for a liquidity token. Stake this token, and earn $PRY rewards each and every block.

This is all processed through our Liquidity Farming portal, so it’s as simple as clicking a few buttons.

This provides liquidity to the ETH / PRY pair on Uniswap, which in turns provides price stability for the pair. In return, you earn a constant flow of $PRY tokens!

When will it begin?


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Prophecy is core DeFi and crypto services, gamified and improved. Visit:

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Prophecy Project

Prophecy Project

Prophecy is core DeFi and crypto services, gamified and improved. Visit:

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