First Ever Prophecy NFTs Launch TOMORROW

The first in the Prophecy ecosystem of NFTs launches tomorrow on Rarible — here’s all the details you need to know.

All of us at Prophecy are excited to see the launch of our first ever NFTs tomorrow (5 March 2021), a key milestone in our eventual expansion of NFT integration with our entire ecosystem of products and services.

We will be launching two ‘genesis’ NFTs (genesis means the ‘first ever’ for a project) and these will represent some of the most exclusive collectible NFTs we will offer — a limited supply, cheap and accessible, and eventually a year or so down the line, as our NFT ecosystem expands, these pieces will be in very high demand on the secondary market.

The first two collectible NFTs we will release:

Both of these have been minted at an extremely limited supply of just 50 NFTs each, at just 0.25 ETH each, for a total of 100 NFTs.

These have an added immediate bonus that, if you purchase one (or more) you will receive an automatic ‘unlockable’ perk; an exclusive discount for our merchandise store, and we will also be able to take snapshots of wallet holders in the future for consideration of further surprises, like airdrops, exclusive content, and more.

When will these NFTs be available to purchase?

While we have already minted these NFTs, they will only go ‘live’ to purchase at 18:00 UTC tomorrow, 5 March 2021.

From this time, simply open either the Black Series or White Series (or both!) and click the ‘Buy now’ button (here’s what that looks like on the Rarible page).

Click the ‘Buy now’ button to purchase the NFT outright — once all have been sold, supporters are able to list their NFT on the secondary market and make/ accept bids. If you make a ‘Bid’ before our NFTs go on sale of 0.25 ETH (the listing price) we’ll treat this as a pre-order and accept these the moment we go live to the public.

Before 18:00 UTC on 5 March 2021, the ‘Buy now’ button will not appear, and you will only be able to place bids.

Any bid placed for at least 0.25 ETH will be treated as a pre-order, and we will accept these bids the moment we put the 50 NFTs on sale to the public, guaranteeing access.


We will be launching these genesis NFTs at 18:00 UTC on 5 March 2021. In other countries/ timezones, this will be:

PST: 10am

ET: 13:00

CET: 19:00

China: 02:00

If you need help with timezone conversions, ask one of the admins or Community Moderators in our Telegram.

How do I use Rarible to buy these NFTs?

Using Rarible is simple once you know the steps. To purchase these NFTs at 18:00 UTC on 5 March 2021, simply follow this tutorial:

  • Navigate to: from an Ethereum browser with MetaMask support (this includes mobile, Brave, Chrome, and the MetaMask app)
  • At the very top-right of the page, click to ‘Connect wallet’ (shown below) then choose your wallet that you have ETH funds available with. You will need at least 0.25 ETH to purchase an NFT, plus gas fees.
  • Once signed in/ logged in with your Ethereum wallet/ MetaMask with ETH funds in, paste either of the following links into your URL:

Black series:

White series:

  • You should now be at the purchase page of the correct NFTs. Find the big blue ‘Buy now’ button at the bottom right of the listing (or underneath if on mobile) and click it.
  • A checkout page (below) should spring up. Simply enter the quantity you would like to purchase (there’s no individual limit, buy as many as you like — up to the maximum total supply of 50), check you’re happy with the gas price, and that’s it! Click the big blue ‘Proceed to payment’ button to confirm.
  • This will trigger your Ethereum wallet (in this case, MetaMask) for a transaction. Simply click confirm (play around with the gas options if you’d like) and the NFT will be yours once the transaction completes! Congratulations!

You will then be able to view your NFT on Rarible or OpenSea by connecting your wallet to the page (see the beginning of the tutorial for that), and after 10 or so minutes, you will be able to view the NFT animated in most wallets (on the MetaMask Mobile app, it will be in the ‘COLLECTIBLES’ tab on your main wallet view — most likely under Rarible!)

This is now yours to own — you can keep hold of it for the discount merch code, or for the chance of future snapshots for airdrops (does anyone like some free $PRY…?), or simply relist it on Rarible or OpenSea at a higher price if you’re a flipper!

TL;DR — Gimme it straight

Launch: 18:00 UTC on 5 March 2021

Two different NFTs:

Black Series (50 total)

White Series (50 total)

Price: 0.25 ETH per NFT

Buy Limits: No limit, up to maximum total supply being sold

Bonus unlockable content: Exclusive merch discount code

Future uses: Maybe — we can snapshot wallets holding this NFT at any time, great for airdrops, prizes, giveaways, and more.

What else do I need to know? At any point, you can resell this NFT on the secondary market (Rarible, OpenSea, etc) — once all 100 total (50 of each type) have been snapped up, they will ONLY be available on the secondary market, so the price could skyrocket, its fully community-determined!

We hope you’re as excited for our first ever NFT drop as we are — this is the beginning of an expansive and deep NFT ecosystem for Prophecy as a whole, while providing neat bonuses along the way. Who knows — a year or two down the line when the Prophecy NFT ecosystem is fully expanded, these could be very valuable and rare collectibles!

What is the immediate future for Prophecy NFTs?

As a community-driven project, we want all aspects of our ecosystem to include our supporters, and this includes our NFT offerings too. We plan on launching, among many other types of NFTs, a monthly calendar-based collectible NFT (y’know, like ‘April 2021 NFT’, ‘May 2021’, etc.) that will feature an artwork/ design from a member of our community.

This will be paid, so the contributor directly benefits by earning, while offering more NFT options than ever before to collect, trade, resell and more!

If you collect an entire year’s worth (12 consecutive months) you’ll be airdropped a bonus, exclusive collectible NFT, entered into prize draws, and many other secrets up our sleeves…

Stay tuned — this is just the tip of the NFT iceberg.

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Prophecy is core DeFi and crypto services, gamified and improved. Visit:

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