24 Hours After Launch: Everything Prophecy Has Achieved in One Day

Launch is an extremely busy and packed time for any developer, and the Uniswap launch of Prophecy was exactly that — here’s a roundup of everything we’ve achieved in just 24 hours so far…

Launched on Uniswap

Locked 110 MILLION tokens immediately

Added $75,000 in ETH and $75,000 in tokens as locked liquidity

Submitted to CoinGecko, CMC, CoinPaprika, CoinCodex, and many more!

Everyones favourite words (sigh) — just a 3 working day wait for CoinCodex!
All our information has also been submitted to CoinPaprika

$1.1 million in daily volume

Official, formal partnership with Crypto Revolution

PR discussions

Strong community growth

Launched (and filled) our first Staking Pool

Prophecy is core DeFi and crypto services, gamified and improved. Visit: https://prophecyproject.io