24 Hours After Launch: Everything Prophecy Has Achieved in One Day

Launch is an extremely busy and packed time for any developer, and the Uniswap launch of Prophecy was exactly that — here’s a roundup of everything we’ve achieved in just 24 hours so far…

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The first and obvious one — we launched on Uniswap! over the first 24 hours, we’ve welcomed over $1.1 MILLION in trading volume, which is mind-boggling to comprehend.

You can see our Uniswap launch article here:

Alternatively, you can read a version of this article over on our Publish0x page here:

Straight off the bat, right at the firing shot, we locked up 110 million tokens — 10 million more than initially planned, as we decided to lock up all team tokens immediately.

You can view our 110 million token lock here:

This immediately reduced the circulating supply to just 90 million.

For our launch, as announced from day one, we locked up $75,000 in ETH and $75,000 in $PRY tokens in locked liquidity.

This immediate lock is also visible in the link above — just scroll down a touch to find the lock event!

We will be releasing liquidity-raising products in the next few months, especially Q1 of 2021, such as liquidity farming and other independent products that will continue to raise the total liquidity for Prophecy.

On top of actively launching, we have also been hard at work submitting all the necessary information, documents, proof of circulation and proof of lock to a whole bunch of trackers, such as CoinGecko and CMC.

We know these are a big factor for our supporters and for new people looking for projects to support, so these are among our highest priorities for the immediate future.

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Everyones favourite words (sigh) — just a 3 working day wait for CoinCodex!
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All our information has also been submitted to CoinPaprika

We’ll update our community as soon as we hear back on these submissions, but with luck (and hard work) we hope to be listed with all of these — and a few more — within the next few weeks.

While we don’t focus on price at Prophecy, our entire focus is on exceeding our roadmap and product development, we couldn’t write a launch summary without briefly touching on the daily volume achieved since hitting Uniswap.

Over $1.1 million in trading volume was made, from presale wallets flipping for profits to new and passionate members joining our community for the first time. We’re grateful for all the new holders we’ve welcomed during this launch window, and cant wait for everyone to join us on a great journey these coming months and years!

About 8 hours after launch, we proudly announced an important and significant marketing partnership with Crypto Revolution, a partnership weeks in the making (sorry — we’ve been itching to tell everyone, it feels good to finally let it out!)

Crypto Revolution will be working exclusively with Prophecy and a small selection of other projects through Q1 2021 and beyond with a marketing partnership. We can’t wait to hit January and share some of our upcoming plans…

You can read more about that partnership announcement here:

Over the past 24 hours (and beyond, it’s been in the works since before Christmas) we’ve been in active talks with one of the the world’s leading crypto PR firms to secure a partnership that will place Prophecy, and the developments and products we produce to the forefront of the media wherever applicable.

We don’t want mass spammy marketing, we want targeted, reflective PR that highlights the incredible things Prophecy is producing, such as with the release of Prophet Pools next year, and this potential partnership will be a large driver in delivering our marketing plan.

We’ll share more as we’re able to, but Q1 2021 and beyond is looking incredibly exciting in terms of active marketing for Prophecy and our products!

As expected with a significant launch like this, our community experienced a nice growth spurt with many new active members in our Telegram.

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In the past half a month or so, our Telegram community has nearly doubled in size, and we have such a kickass time hanging out with all of you.

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We’ve also been diversifying in terms of the primary languages of our members, introducing Dutch, German, Polish, Finnish, Chinese and French supporters gradually — especially as we’ve reached launch.

We’re actively exploring significant expansion and penetration in key Asian markets, and we can’t wait to further expand the diversity of Prophecy through and through!

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We’ve also had a blast with more messages than ever before being sent in our group during this launch, after a steady growth following an AMA spring this past month and a hugely successful private sale and presale.

Within 30 minutes of kicking off our first staking pool (day one, we called it) with exclusive double rewards compared to our regular staking to be introduced in early 2021 our pool filled completely.

That’s 5 million $PRY tokens ‘temporarily locked’ out of circulation, with those lucky enough to enter the pool in time set to receive 20% rewards on their stake after 90 days!

With how fast this staking pool filled, we cant begin to imagine how fast Prophet Pools will execute — we can’t wait to launch them in Q1 2021.

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What’s more, staking was actually a Q1 2021 commitment — so it’s pretty neat to have it launched slightly ahead of schedule, even if that’s technically a few days early because of New Years!

There’s little more we could humanly be doing in addition to what we’re doing and have done this past 24 hours, but we’re doing more anyway: product development for our next launch in a few weeks, a massive marketing blitz (we’ve carried out zero marketing so far, so the only way is up in regards to awareness building), more partnerships, more announcements, and a lot more surprises up our sleeves!

We’re not a pump and dump project, and we’re not a fork or memecoin, so we understand the mentality some traders have that this should be 20x in one day — this may stick with those kind of projects, but they all crash spectacularly and rapidly, dragging everyone down with it.

Prophecy is extensively roadmapped out for the next 3+ years of content, including native mobile app integration, market penetration, extensive and intelligent marketing and community onboarding, product development, development onboarding, external work (like the production of our suite of NFT offerings in late 2021) and much more. We have this planned for the long run, so we can’t wait to see where Prophecy is at in 24 weeks, not just 24 hours…

Thank you all for your support, passion and questions these past 24 hours — its been a whirlwind, sleepless, wild, frustrating at times and beyond funny at other times. But above all else, thank you for making Prophecy a place that people enjoy hanging out — community is a massive aspect of Prophecy, and none of this would be possible without our awesome community.

Here’s to an absolutely incredible 2021 and beyond!

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Prophecy official contract address: 0x3c81d482172cc273c3b91dd9d8eb212023d00521

Prophecy is core DeFi and crypto services, gamified and improved. Visit: https://prophecyproject.io

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